Why Nothing Has Been Up Here Lately....

Hello readers!

So.... it's been awhile.

In all seriously, in case you didn't know about me, I am a senior at Ohio University who is trying very very hard to graduate in June (no extra quarters for me). Along with studying Communications, I am in three other organizations that keep my down time up, including:

Hip-Hop Congress
Oh, and I am an RA (resident assistant) and work at the Post

I am however still building up my music reporting skills with these organizations' blogs, so once you done reading this blog, read these:

ACRN's Hip-Hop 101

Hip-Hop Congress OU

And I also contribute to ACRN's site regularly, so check out this site as well:


Once I have time to post music blogs on THIS site, I will let you know through twitter or something

Cell Therapy 026

That mtv list of the hottest MC was some bull.

Cell Therapy 025

check this out: http://www.hulu.com/watch/99582/how-2-build-a-rapper I wonder what a female version would be like?

Cell Therapy 024

Im making some career moves! Check out my hiphop in hickville piece and hiphop 101 blog on this site: http://acrn.com