Tribe of the Mountain - The Weirdest Group yet Great Music

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This episode of Guestlist I worked on with ACRN had to be with one of the strangest group of musicians I've met around here in Athens - and that says a lot when you live in a place where musicians will scratch metal on metal and call it "noise music". This time I did more than just hold the boom microphone, I was the production assistant as well as a camerawoman. My name shows up in the credits a lot more often, so please believe this is another clip added to my portfolio!

Anyway, the name of this group is Tribe of the Mountain. Yes, these guys took the name from Lord of the Rings. They play folky and funky kind of music, but best put by the lead singer "It all comes down to jazz!!!"

Enjoy the video below (p.s. they have the best energy, you'll see at the end of this video):

Guest List Episode 7: Tribe of the Mountain from on Vimeo.

The Gunshy Preview/Sibs Weekend Review (from

The show already happened, but I thought I would post it on the blog anyway because I wrote it (I know, how cocky?). The Gunshy is an interesting band, which is started by an interesting person named Matt. I won't go into too much detail because it's in the article and I don't want to ruin it. So read below and enjoy!

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The Gunshy / February 26, 2010 / The Union
By Star Watson, Staff Writer
February 24, 2010
Photo by: Provided Photo
Many people, especially OU seniors and graduate students, will remember The Gunshy from a couple concerts around town in 2006 and 2007, namely shows with Murder By Death and Oh My God at ACRN’s 2007 Lobsterfest in Baker Theater.
Back then, it was just Matt Arbogast and his guitar. “All that I remember from the last time I played in Athens was that I was on tour with Troubled Hubble, and we were at the Union, and the sound guy said to me, ‘Oh you’re that crazy guy with the acoustic guitar!’”
But after being MIA from the city of Athens for four years, Matt returns tothe Union on Friday with some new additions to the band. Alongside Matt on lead vocals and his guitar, the new members are Jonathon Pool on guitar, Kevin Ware on bass, and CJ Heimberger on drums.
Along with the new members, the band will be bringing a new sound as well. Since 2007, The Gunshy has transformed from the folk sound of their past into something broader.
“In the last few years, we’ve become a loud-type rock band with a lot of dynamics and wordy, story-type songs,” Arbogast said.
Although some people may have seen Arbogast perform with other guitar players, pianists, trombone players and a violinist, none of those musicians were full-time members of the band.
“It’s grown into less of a hodge-podge of people from other bands, and more into a set, established group of people,” he said.
He also speaks about working on his first cooperative effort on an album as The Gunshy, although it has taken them almost four years to get done while touring, as well as taking a personal time-out.
“I kind of needed to chill out a little bit and deal with the rest of life," Arbogast said. "But we’ve been back into the writing process for like six months now."
Aside from recording the album, The Gunshy has not strayed too far from the stage. They tour sporadically in Chicago, where they now call home.
“Touring is a lot less stressful for me with the band now,” Arbogast explained. "There’s less shots that I have to take, less driving I have to do, and I really just love traveling the country with my friends."
After living in the Windy City for six years, Arbogast has seen people in his group come and go, as well as different bands come and go in Chicago’s local music scene.
“Bands get respect when they stick around and play a lot of shows,” Arbogast said. "Since bands are very supportive of one another, although there are a lot of them, you still get to pick and choose who you play with and where you want to play. It’s a great music town and better than any other city I’ve lived in, definitely better than New York and LA."
As for performing in Athens, he hopes to get the crowd from years before that loved his crazy singing. “We’ll bring a lot of sweat and some stupid jokes,” Arbogast joked. "Hopefully we will mostly be entertaining and fun."
Other bands performing with The Gunshy at the Union will include Scuba Dog and The Ghost of Asa Phelps. The doors open at 9 pm and the cover is $3 for everyone 18 and up.