Tribe of the Mountain - The Weirdest Group yet Great Music

(Pulled from yet again)

This episode of Guestlist I worked on with ACRN had to be with one of the strangest group of musicians I've met around here in Athens - and that says a lot when you live in a place where musicians will scratch metal on metal and call it "noise music". This time I did more than just hold the boom microphone, I was the production assistant as well as a camerawoman. My name shows up in the credits a lot more often, so please believe this is another clip added to my portfolio!

Anyway, the name of this group is Tribe of the Mountain. Yes, these guys took the name from Lord of the Rings. They play folky and funky kind of music, but best put by the lead singer "It all comes down to jazz!!!"

Enjoy the video below (p.s. they have the best energy, you'll see at the end of this video):

Guest List Episode 7: Tribe of the Mountain from on Vimeo.

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