I've Moved! Clap For Her

Or, maybe not, if you're loyal to Blogger...


As many things have happened in my life - from new chapters beginning to old chapters ending - I have to adjust, and sadly that means something near and dear is left behind too. I put some serious thought into shutting down this blog and decided to not completely shut it down.

However, it has been paused - more like  the initial stop of a DVD, where folks still have the option to resume or hit stop again to completely end the run. Bubble Gum Pop Rap may return on Blogger but it has moved to Tumblr for the purpose of the site's efficiency, and well - with a full-time, part-time and now back to freelancing - I'm a lazy SOB. Eff yall.

I will miss the pocket change from advertising though!


*that means management, not MGMT the band

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