LMFAO at their Party Rock album... No, not in a good way!

Do I really want to explore a party album? Should music listeners take party music seriously? Let me get a hell yeah! Panama City Beach has to be the livest place during any holiday, or any time college kids have money. It’s home of one of the largest clubs in the world, Club La Vela, and is one of the most popular Spring Break locations for college students as well as the barely legal high school seniors. Every evening all of the pop, hiphop and R&B radio station toss out their top 40/urban playlist that play every hour and let club DJs strut their stuff on the airwaves. They indeed fall back and depend on the top 40/urban to get by with the audience, but every once in a while they plug in some new people to experiment with the alcohol-tainted and pre-game ready young adults.

Here’s where LMFAO comes in, especially their new album titled Party Rock. Starting off with a mix of “Eye of the Tiger” and rhyming about drinking you can tell this is an album fit for the lazy DJs who prefer to just play records. You know off the bat this is an album that is heavily dependent on the beat, which doesn’t take much for a party album. Their lyrical skills are pretty good considering all they talk about is getting drunk and laid, so this does add a plus to this review.

They do get a little lax in their delivery and ability to keep it hype; after a while I don’t feel like listening to songs that’s all about partying, and the duo’s job is to keep the party going. Their production is on point, whoever mixed their album needs to expand past this kind of work because the potential is there. Another thing is subject matter. There’s no storyline, no plot, nothing to keep someone listening to as far as lyrics go. Yes, the group can rhyme, but there’s nothing to listen to. The worst thing to have is wasted talent and this group, if they don't go in the right direction, is becoming a trash can! In the end, I would rather hear this album during my journey to getting drunk and while I’m drunk. No other time. It’s fun, but not that fun.

Best Song – Shots feat. Lil’ Jon: If you want a hype party album, all you need is Lil’ Jon yelling throughout your song. He was definitely needed for this group’s album.

Worst Song – What Happens at the Party: Too lame of an intro, too long of a song. If I hear this at a club, I would get sleepy after the first chorus. It does have a good hook/title though.

Star’s Grade: C-

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