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Uzuhi / November 8, 2009 / The Union
By Star Watson, Staff Writer
November 7, 2009

The Union will be filled with mixed feelings this Sunday when Japanese punk band Uzuhi brings happiness and energy into its performance. Carrying a different style than most punk bands, Uzuhi comes to Ohio for the first time.

Band members Gosha (vocals), Kota (guitar), Tsubasa (keyboard) and Shu (drums) are promoting their second album Ongaku on their U.S. “Will” tour. Uzuhi has been touring since November 5, and its tour will end on November 22. Within their 17-day tour, band members will perform all over the South and East U.S. stopping in 12 states. “We’ve been to Texas and New York, and it’s our first time being in Ohio ever,” said lead singer Gosha.

The band is enthusiastic to play at the Union and in Ohio for the first time, though they only know what they have heard about the state. “We are excited to play in Ohio, and we have no idea what to expect in Ohio. We talked to people in Connecticut about Ohio and they said it was very peaceful,” said Gosha. The band’s sound matches this description of Ohio – but with a little more flare.

“When we first formed we wanted to do hardcore rock,” said Gosha, “but with changes in the group, from the drummer to the bassist, me and the guitarist, Kota, really just inside of all of us decided that we wanted to do our own punk rock."

Although Uzuhi is a punk band, its members shy away from the cry for rebellion and focus more on the liveliness of the subculture in their performance. “We plan to bring energy and happiness to every performance,” said Gosha. “We believe music is supposed to make people smile and be happy, and even though we play punk music we try to open people’s reactions to such hardcore music with our energy and our lyrics."

What makes Uzuhi unique is that the band not only has English in its songs, but its memebrs write their Japanese language into their songs as well. One thing the band agrees on is that music is for anybody to enjoy, no matter his or her nationality. “We believe music has no borders, so we play our music in respects to who we are, like people from other countries and even people here play their music,” said Gosha. “Even though we try to sing our lyrics in English and Japanese, we just keep music, music because there are no borders because it’s for everyone."

Uzuhi has much to offer with their unique style of punk music. They play tonight at the Union with Amish Electric Chair and The Red Army. The doors open at 10 p.m. and the cost is $5.

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