So, I've Been Trying New Things....

Aside from writing awesome reviews, interviews, blogs, and other stuff for ACRN, I recently became apart of the video staff. I help in just about any way possible filming video for a new section out of called Guest List, where we (the staff crew) shoot as bands put on an exclusive performance just for us (the music lovers)!

Below is the finished product of the first Guest List I did. I was the boom operator (first time, and mastered it.. somewhat LOL). Not to toot my own horn, but I've never done anything video-wise, and being a boom operator was a lot of work!

*In all seriousness, all I did was hold the microphone and made sure it wasn't in sight of the camera's view.*

But, I also got to meet some cool people, artists who I wouldn't give a chance at first sight, but put out very good music.

So I want to show you ACRN's Guest List: Skeletonwitch (for more photos, background info on the band, and such, click here)!

Guest List Episode 5: Skeletonwitch from on Vimeo.

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