Video: DC King of Hearts - An Interview

I don't know how many people have realized this or not, but I use this blog as a tool to improve on my journalism skills, including photography, online, news, and overall print writing in general. So of course, a big part that I'm starting to work with is video journalism. This is my first video profile that I put together, edited, and everything myself (except for recording the actual video footage, which was recorded by the artist), so I'm sure there's some faults in there that I missed. ANYWAY--

An OU student and Athens/Cleveland/Alabama emcee, DC King of Hearts is rising out of life's ashes through the use of a pen and a pad. This cat has been through a lot, as one could see in his works and once you hear this interview, but turns it into an album with Pain. He's extremely reminiscent of Tech N9ne, B.o.B, and Ludacris for his down-home Southern(ess), and his dark storytelling. We spoke about his unmatched style and inspirations, the album Pain (which is available for FREE), and who he wishes to collaborate with in the Athens hiphop scene. The video footage takes place in the one-and-only Apollo Theater while volunteering for Upward Bound.

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