Point Out The Bounce!

When accentuating the positive equals accentuating some triflingness - that which really is what most folks like to call - there's a strong case in the Bounce culture.

I recently checked out Big Freedia's show at The EARL, and man, I had no clue what I decided to cover. Her joint "Ass Everywhere" is a proclamation, let her live performances tell it. Big booty broads on stage, in the audience (then on stage) - surprisingly without a machismo in sight.

While most stripper-ready music brings out as many guys as gals because of the gals, Big Freedia and the Bounce culture brought forth a type of subculture counter-intuitive to misogynous music. And doubting it has everything to do with its popularity in the LGBT community, it felt pretty darn good to see women flaunting what they have without feeling like they were being undressed by the eyes of patriarchy.

So there are more photos and a full recap of this crazy show on Frank151. Go there to see what I saw!

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