Duplaix's Electric Love - Please, Do Play!

This guy is one the big names in the soul/R&B and jazz scene... internationally! He's been a featured artist on albums for Jazzanova, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott, 4Hero, and much more! And after a year of no solo music projects, he finally blasts the airwaves with his new single "Electric Love". All this excitement I feel for him because he is a very talented singer and songwriter, so high expectations set for Mr. Vikter Duplaix (pronounced vick-tor doo-play).

From the start it, I honestly think it's about to be another auto-tune filled electric single. But Vikter Duplaix is smarter than that. His smooth and never-so strong voice calms the track's distorted bassline (on purpose by the way). It feels good to hear a song that doesn't have auto-tune on it, whether it would actually fit or fit by force as a crutch to those who can't hit correct notes.

Duplaix doesn't have to worry about that. He can sing in just about any key, even if the key is synthesized. The beat for this song is the bread to this brother's buttery voice. It kind of falls in line with the whole electric movement (folks cannot seem to get right since the 80s, but they still try), but its way too smooth to put it in that category. Just imagine if Maxwell and the artist/group Diddy & Dirty Money try to be had a son. His name would be Vikter Duplaix.

Nothing special comes out of this song lyrically, which is one thing I would critically say. No story, no plot involved. Just a concept most artist like him fall back on - cruise into a smooth and mellow joint (with an electric twist). His concept specifically being bringing back the love in music, which needs to spread among all artists but that's another story. When an R&B artist can successfully implement love of music into his music, and anyone is able to vibe with it, you can't be mad at all.

Star's Grade: B+

Electric Love - Vikter Duplaix

He does have the song available for free download @ http://www.reverbnation.com/vikterduplaix So hop on this free track because it is worth the price!

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