Deflowering Virgin Ears with Marvin Gaye


Marvin Gaye was the most romantic R&B artist of his time, and even now! Not only that, he was the master at making things sound one way when they really mean something else. So, the key word for this blog is


From "Let's Get It On" to "Sexual Healing", he knew just how to keep "loving" alive. Not only that, but he was very political and revolutionary, quickly becoming the voice of the streets with hits like "What's Going On". His voice couldn't have be anymore subtle in "Til Tomorrow" than any other song he ever recorded. Yet, he'll make you cry as he sings "Mercy Mercy Me". And who won't get down to "Got To Give It Up"? Let me break it down for you:

Let's Get It On

Ok, I know he's talking about sex, I'm past that, he's going beyond that. He's also talking about falling in love with his lady, making love to her, giving his all for her. Yeah, he may come off as too strong, but that's his intention. His style has always been strong and straightforward. As one would say on the street: he's tryin' to hit that! Not in the sense of hittin' it and splittin', but he's no longer satisfied with the small talk.

Lets Get It On - Marvin Gaye

Sexual Healing

This song can be broken down like this: whereas Let's Get It On was 70% Sex and 30% Love, Sexual Healing is 100% Sex. The gloves are off (READ BETWEEN THE LINES FOLKS); there is no loving asked this song. All he talks about is having sex, and not just having sex, but it's sex whenever he wants to! He definitely made this song for the sex-crazed 80s, so it instantly became an anthem at that time for romance. If one thought Let's Get It On was strong, then they shouldn't listen to Sexual Healing. He doesn't want to make love, he just wants (and keep in mind he never asks for it; he practically demands) pleasure.

Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye

What's Going On

No one can really say they don't know what this song about, but there are some who don't fully listen to the message. Although he does speak on things like unity within the Black community, being against the war overseas AND at home, people tend to miss the first verse - the Black family. Clearly, I'm on Marvin Gaye and there's no room for a full length blog on the Black Family. But people need to pay attention to what he was getting at in this verse: divorce, black on black violence, dysfunction in the family and poverty. All in four lines. He truly mastered the art of writing, particularly innuendos, in this song.

Whats Going On - Marvin Gaye

Til Tomorrow

If you thought he took love to another level with his main mainstream hits (i.e. Let's Get It On), he brought a whole new dimension of a love thirst with this song. This song is not a "baby-don't-go, I-still-love-you" song, nowhere near that. It is a "baby-don't-go, I'm-still horny" song. He may say stay because the "love is deep" and "have stole his mind completely", but in actuality he only wants you there because "you were incredible", or as he said in French (the sexiest language on Earth), vous ├ętiez incroyables. But overall, he "still cares". And cue the sexy saxophone!

Til Tomorrow - Marvin Gaye

Mercy Mercy Me

Marvin Gaye paints the best picture for the mood of this song that he has ever done. The whole verse is color, as well as absence of color, which ultimately leads to the overall mood of the song. He also paints this dark picture with creatures, from fish "lying wasted on the sea, full of mercury", to birds flying in the "poisonous winds that blow". Then he brings us to reality by speaking on issues of living in the projects and how overcrowding it is. This was never meant to be a song about triumph, for that was never his style. His style was, however, blues at heart, but with funk influence. Hence the dark use of the piano and echo-like drums.

Mercy Mercy Me - Marvin Gaye

Got To Give It Up

Speaking of funk influence, no one can forget this timeless dance record. A lot of people push the lyrics aside and get down, and there's nothing wrong with that. But wouldn't you want to know what he's really talking about, because he's not just talking about dancing... He's talking about his sex game; well, the development of his sex game. He keeps throwing in little hints throughout the song like "my body yearned to be free" and "someone chooses me"... and "if you see me, spread out and let me in" and "let me step into your erotic zone". Justin Timberlake got nothing on this guy!

Got To Give It Up, Part 1 - Marvin Gaye

Just as a lot of new artists keep their music sexy and down right dirty, like Marvin Gaye did, you learn something new (sexually or not) about his music and his lifestyle. There's no need to go into details about his relationships and his personal life because quite frankly, the music speaks for itself. Another thing you can take from his music is the magnitude of the deflowering of virgin ears.

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