Can The World Get Some Club Music? Thanks Kelis, David Guetta and Will.I.Am.!

Every time I hear this song, I feel like going to a nightclub.... more like a rave.

Shortly after the announcement December 2nd that Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas signed Nas's ex-wife Kelis to his new record label, Will.I.Am Music Group, she drops a new single titled "Acapella." Under Interscope Records, Kelis is working on a new album for 2010, but should she stick to raising her newborn baby before jumping back into the music biz?

Well, "Acapella" is definitely no sleeper. It sure as heck isn't a song that should go un-played in the nightlife. The beginning of the song clearly states that, with its thumping bass and created noise in the background. And then when the pipes come in, get ready to nod that head. Once Kelis delivers, you're in a musical bliss. Producer David Guetta knows his dance music, his hits "Love is Gone" with Chris Willis, "When Love Takes Over" with Kelly Rowland, and "Sexy Chick" with Akon should ring a bell.

I did expect a smarter approach from Kelis; maybe a softer range would've made it a better listen because it sounded like she was straining during the chorus. Nevertheless, I can tell with the mind, and hopefully direction, of Will.I.Am that this was a good move for the R&B vocalist.

I also like the lyrics for this song, although no one who will listen to this song will pay attention. Any song explaining how someone completes you makes me happy, especially to such happy music. So not only am I dancing to a great tune, I'm dancing to a positive message!

I really see a bright future for Kelis if she actually sticks to bringing soul back to Club music this time around. Her last go at the music business (between the time of post-Bossy and her marriage to Nas) wasn't so successful. She has the voice that is bold enough for the club and the song-writing skills to make her music fun. And with the direction R&B is going in general, I find it fabulous that if she stays in this direction she'll be way ahead of her R&B colleagues - like she used to be.

Her new single is making a mark in the Dance/Club genre, but not as much of a mark with the R&B/Soul industry. Of course "Acapella" isn't "Milkshake," or even "Bossy," with her usual female-empowerment-through-the-body agenda, but it is good. Although her voice comes off as shaky, and after a few listens the song gets old, Kelis is definitely ready to take on the music industry.

Star's Grade: B+

Enjoy and dance below!

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