What Do A Panther, A Football, and A Block All Have in Common?

So, I'm a huge fan of cartoons (old ones, 90s and older), and since I'm a 21 year old college student, it is actually no surprise whatsoever. One thing I think no one appreciates about these cartoons are its musical scores! The thing I loved more than the social commentary in a cartoon (and yes, I loved it as a child too) was the music that played as the protagonist and antagonist battled each other. There are many cartoon productions that created great scores, but I decided to show you three of my favorite scores from the cartoon field:

1. Pink Panther: Duh! Need I say more? Henry Mancini provided the best theme song of all time with the Pink Panther Theme Song. Although the theme song is based on a Latin classic "Pantera Mambo" by La 33, Mancini did his thing and made millions off this song. He had to know this jazz rendition of "Pantera Mambo" would suit the Pink Panther very well. But besides that, what people didn't really peep was how his sound effects for the Pink Panther were just as jazzy as the musical score; it was at some points a part of it too!

So watch here and reminisce how innovative this score was for cartoon productions (and of course, this includes the song):

2. Hey Arnold: My boy Arnold, the football head, had the swagger of all swagger amongst the 90s cartoon characters. Even though he had the room of everyone's dreams, the producers and Jim Lang put together some great music to match his persona. Hey Arnold's theme song was dope, but I always looked forward to the end because it was just as enjoyable as the entire episode. And although their were different episodes, the same ol' theme song sounded just as good as the last time!

Featuring a slideshow of the coolest cartoon crew of our time, the best ending credit song "Stompin'" by a great guitarist, and overall musician, Jim Lang! Watch below:

3. The Peanuts: Vince Guaraldi knew what he was doing when he did the score for the Peanuts. Let alone the presence-knowing theme song, the music was so fitting for the time period of the Peanuts cartoon and comic strip. Although Charlie Brown was a major Blockhead, the music was definitely something outside the box for cartoons. If only the characters could dance...

This video has the infamous repetitive dance motions of Charlie Brown's crew and the song "Linus and Lucy" from Guaraldi's musical score of Charlie Brown here:

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