Major Updates

*Blow dust off the blog* What up!

Well, it's been forever since I've touched this blog (last post was April 23rd to be exact), all in an effort to finish my studies at Ohio University (go me)!!!!

Since graduation (a whole five days), I have managed to snag a couple writing gigs with some awesome people as well as wait on a decision concerning a magazine internship in the Fall. I have a crazy summer lying ahead of me, and I'm ready to take it on!

So this blog is going to be under construction for the next couple of weeks being that I'm a big girl now. In the mean time, follow me on TumblrTwitter and Facebook if anything happens to this blog so you get the lowdown!

I'm out, for now.

UPDATE #1: Do you see how I changed the design of the blog?? Cool, isn't it?? Haha, I had to do it. It reflects my inner child and personality (things I refuse to let go). The name change was definitely because I'm tired of being "against the world" (and got bored).

I'm pretty much blogging through the Tumblr for now until I get all my cool ideas together to blog about. So far I got a couple albums to review, more commentary on the latest music news, and other updates about me!

Be ready....

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