The Shores by The Sea of Cortez are BEAUTIFUL!

A summer treat, this single is!

"The Shores" by The Sea of Cortez, first heard on Stereogum, struck a certain nerve - my coastal nerve. Listening to this song could whisk one away to their Pacific coast, or at least to a nearby dock to chill and crack a bottle. "The Shores" could definitely be a pivotal move for the band, as it is released at the perfect time. Really no matter what the season, there will always be a reason to enjoy this song.

The build-up is pretty cool, but a minute long stretches it thin. After the first 30 seconds, the bells and claps finally fade in, confusing and leaving people thinking "The Shores" isn't working. Luckily, the band pulls it around after the second verse, bursting through the seams of this track with "Bohemian Rhapsody"-like drumming and short, stiff guitar strumming. The great thing about this climax, is that The Sea of Cortez gave the pace of "The Shores" a whole new pulse and allowed the song to breathe as a total summer hit.

This song definitely gives the vibe of a surefire surfer tune (I know if I knew how to surf I would surf to this song), and as the song fades out with the lyrics "floating out here, floating out here on my own. I'll keep on drifting, making my way to the shore," The Sea of Cortez has made its mark with potential to blow beyond the shores.

Star's Grade: B+

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