Obama's Walk: His Exit Music

If you have been asleep since around 10 p.m. last night, good morning, and boy, did you miss out! Our President Barack Obama announced last night that his secret operation from months ago to kill Osama bin Laden has reached success and Osama is now dead (and buried apparently??). This playlist has little to do with us killing Osama bin Laden, sorry Americans!

This mix has EVERYTHING to do with Obama's gangsterific exit away from his podium and out of the hallway. Here's a clip if you need it:

Now, with that said and shown, here is a playlist of his exit music because I feel he totally needed that to match his composure as he walked down that hallway, his calmness in his stroll, and, hell, his SWAG! There are tunes from nearly all genres that accentuate Obama's badassedness, from being the first Black President to being the President to take down Osama, as well as his ability to be so smooth! Sit tight, this is a surefire doozie...

Cheers, Obama. This mix is for you!

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