Recap: Bubbapalooza Coverage for Examiner

Usually folks label me as a hiphop journalist or all about hiphop culture. While I don't take it as an insult, I'd like for you all to know that I do have just as much interest in other music cultures besides hiphop. Bluegrass in certainly one of them.

For, I covered Atlanta's annual Bubbapalooza in Little Five Points at Star Bar. Other than the subconscious racial tension - mainly along the lines of "whoa, what's this Black girl doing here?!?" - I had a great time getting to know on a fond level what bluegrass, hillbilly folk-type music is all about. Here's an excerpt of what went down:

Bringing the folk back to night one was Bareknuckle Betties. Toting a guitar, banjo, washboard and an upright bass, these four ladies put on a swell rockabilly performance. They brought an authentic and forgotten super vintage girl punk feel – because the REAL original girl punk bands were ladies of blues and rockabilly!

Emotions rose as Anna Kramer and The Lost Cause began their set, specifically from “Mama,” (Gregory) Smalley’s mother, as she was hugging one of the many attendees wanting to pay their respect to the Bubbapalooza family. At only night one this annual music festival showed the values behind this kind of music, and the cause of keeping this festival alive, despite the death of their founder 15 years ago.
 Check out the entire recap of the two-night festival on Examiner by clicking here!

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