SlapStik's One-on-One with Margaret Cho

Aside from covering music - for the most part - I am the editor of SlapStik Magazine and operator of their blog. In the blogs and mags we specialize in comic interviews, going one-on-one with some of the funniest people on the planet. I got to chat with Margaret Cho about Drop Dead Diva, her development as a stand-up comic, and inevitably her music. Here's an excerpt of that: 
You also do music as well. Cho Dependent got a lot of good reception, including the Grammy nomination, so what’s next for you musically? 

The next album coming out will be The Yellow Album, and it’s really in the works now. It’s a little bit hard to do because I’m working on a TV show, so all these multiple projects are moving a little slowly. When the TV show comes out, then I’ll have more time to work on the album. 

How will The Yellow Album be different than Cho Dependent? 

Yellow will have some of the songs that didn’t make it onto Cho Dependent. I recorded about 22 songs and some didn’t make it, so there’s a few that I want to be on Yellow. There’s some new stuff I recorded just for Yellow. And Yellow will be about race and the Asian identity, and being an ethnic “other.” I’m really excited about that, and I’m really excited about the song I did with my parents. My parents are musicians and they sang on this song. It was really funny because they’ve been singers for a long time but have never recorded, so it was really daunting for them to be in a studio and a stretch to take it to that level for them because they seemed intimidated.
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