Rooting for the Home Team/2011 Springfield Cypher

These guys have came a long way!

Usually, I don't post just YouTube videos trying to bulk up my blog with short posts, but what on Earth do I look like not putting my hometown on blast?!?!

The best hiphop artists from Springfield (Ohio, yall. No Simpsons slant around here) get together and kicks it heavy. The spectrum of emceeing is in full force in this video - from poetic flows to the drug rap to straight punchlines - and the cypher has old heads from around the way to the new cats that's on the rise in the scene.

RANDOM: I love how Young D (the last one) throws in that Camron reference, who shouts out Springfield every time he speaks on Ohio. (Does it in "Down and Out" too)

I remember going to high school with half those guys in the cypher, who rapped back then - and honestly, it was close to trash - but they've completely stepped their game up!

Here's the list of the cypher and where to find them:

Shawn Diggy (of the group A-9)
Sauce The Great (of the group A-9)
A Johns The Poet
Sneak Pree (of the group A-9)
Smiddy (of the group A-9)
D Walt (of the group A-9)
Young D (of the group A-9)


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