Study Shows Music Makes Wine Tastes Better

This used to be a theory in my head, but I would think that just to curve my tolerance, but there was never proof for it... until now.

Reports have been showing that a new study shows that wine makes music taste better, like it does with pasta and seafood. According to the British Journal of Psychology, the characteristics of the wine's taste can match the style of music or even a certain artist.

So, Marvin Gaye DOES go with Chardonnay?!

The study showed connections between the pace of the beat and the zing in the wine. It also had a connection with the power of the music and the texture of the wine. The taste of the wine was directly affected by the stimulation of the music. There were 250 subjects used for this study, enough for a party, right?

It seems like since it's a study from the British Journal of Psychology, not from a chemistry entity, one could only think of this proving the point that music plays the biggest role in human interaction - and that includes drinking. Like Chuck Klosterman said in his book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, "without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless." Just to add to it, as Jamie Foxx said "blame it on the Goose, got you feeling loose," think of how loose inhibition becomes when alcohol is in the equation. Folks can get an idea of how Becky Sue will get fired up for Gaga as she sips her glass of Pinto Grigio.

While the study was unable to say the cultural connotations of the music used were a factor in the perceived taste, the taste does indeed encourage more drinking. Not to say that we're over here encouraging drinking, but to not encourage the right tunes to get rid of that wine no one drinks in the first place? Come on! Now, you can pair your alcohol - well, wine for now - with the kind of music you want to play for your next party.

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