CD Review: Mos Def "The Estatic"

The best way to vibe with Mos Def's new piece (I don't want to just call it an album; I'll get into that later) is with a game controller on deck to play a war game (some Call of Duty, Mercenaries or something like that). If you are not an individual who is aware of current politics and world issues, then this may not be a top Mos album. On the other hand, if you are a fan of this kind of music, or you just appreciate art in all realms (whether social or personal), then you'll enjoy a new ear-banger from Pretty Flaco.

I don't want to call it an album because Mos Def doesn't just release a record with just some tracks thrown onto it - a compilation of rhymes from his rhymebooks or off the top of the dome. That's not his style in "The Estatic". The concept and theme he approaches is "Boogieman". Rarely do you find people approach a theme in albums anymore, and if so, it is something that is personal to him or her (e.g. Jay-Z's American Gangster). Mos Def definitely took his theme seriously as you hear it (annoyingly to be exact) almost subliminally but loud enough to catch its off-beatness and indicator of a theme.

His purpose of his chosen theme was, if you are unfamiliar to any purpose of a true hiphop album, no matter what steps we take the boogieman will be there. Despite advances in our technology, the boogieman will be right there with us. Like the message in car mirrors: everything that looks (great) may not be what it appears. He also hops on the "blame the whack MCs" train wagon in saying how lame hiphop is becoming because they don't know their history. Like K'Naan said, "most these guys are just rappin' about rappin'", which is not helping Pretty Flaco develop his image as a hiphop artist. He should've just left it alone, or better yet, he should be teaching the whack MCs how to be real and real good.

Best track:

Auditorium (featuring Slick Rick) - He delivers just enough to not make it Slick Rick's song like most rappers tend to slip up and do when faced with a challenge from thier collaborators (how ironic, but true). Also, Slick Rick gives an interesting story to upkeep the theme of the album and compliment the dope Middle Eastern beat.

Worst track:

Pistola - Let's be honest. I appreciate the fact that Mos knows he can't sing, but don't let that be the strongpoint of ANY track (or you'll end up like Phonte of Little Brother).

Star's Grade: B- (I just expected more)

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