"Why R U" by Amerie

When I heard the beginning, I instantly thought of the 90s. Especially Mary J. Blige. Her songs were hard, but still had that feminine touch. Think of "You're All I Need/I'll Be There For You" and "Sincerity"... now, don't you feel the same way? Honestly, this beat should have been hers (this and "Umbrella", but that's just me).

Anyway, it seems the way Amerie was going with this song is the same way MJB usually did back then: a raw, gritty-ish hip-hop beat playing behind a soft, smooth melody that everyone, from the thugs to the not-so-thugs, can enjoy. Unfortunately, this isn't the 90s and she couldn't bring it back. I think it's cute, but it's definitely nothing big (yet again) from Amerie.

She doesn't have the softness in her voice to pull through on this song; she doesn't really reel me in. Don't get me wrong, she has a soft voice. Plus it's raspy enough to go with raw beats (i.e. "One Thing"). However, her high pitch turns me off from this song. Maybe it's the lyrics, because the flow of it isn't on point either, maybe it's just her, but I bet it's both.

One thing I refuse to hate on though is this beat, especially the sampled song, "Ego Trippin" by Ultramagnetic MCs (which sampled "Synthetic Sunstitution" by Melvin Bliss, another classic record indeed)! The production behind this song did a wonderful job. Not only does the song homage the sample well, but it also adds feeling to the song in general (i.e. the bassline in the chorus; Amerie couldn't do without it). Although she doesn't bring the song home, the beat still knocks. I hope there will be a remix coming out soon to save her!

But here it is for you to listen, and agree or disagree:

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