So, You Come Here Often?

I figure I get this cracking the best way I can - the corniest way possible. The weirdest. The coolest. What can I say? After a million and one "yo, you should start a blog"'s I finally did it!

But let me tell you about this blog:

  1. This is NOT the spot where you can free music!!!! *all the time* Sorry, don't want to get caught up in that. I got a few friends who tried that and ended up never finding a bloghome... just traveling from site to site. Po' lil' tink-tink!
  2. This IS where you need to be to know about all the new music! I surf the web a lot, plus I'm freakin' sweet, so I constantly hear new music from those you love and those you hate. Those I love may not be those you love, and those you hate may not be those I hate, so we'll just find a common ground, drink, and be merry!
  3. This is NOT a rodeo show! If I don't like what I'm hearing you will be the first to know. I don't care who's hot, if their song sucks then it sucks. Not all music is good music, and not all hot celebs make hot music. Plain and simple.
  4. This is just for the music. I don't wish to be like TMZ or YBF and go into gossip or all that, I just want to talk about the music. You'll be lucky to get beefs out of me (because those aren't even real no more; real talk).
So, yeah, it's finals week and I need to get to my potential 5-page paper and put this on my twitter LOL

I'll probably post some old stuff to get those musical juices (eww) flowing, so look out for that soon.

'til then..................

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