Electric Six's haunting "After Hours" Needs Some Cell Therapy

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The internet on my laptop is a hot mess, so this review is marked as some cell therapy (sent from my phone)!

Electric Six's first song "After Hours" from their new album Zodiac is as dark as night. From the selected keys and guitar strings throughout this song is just creepy. The piano solo intro is so dark and scary I feel like it's my first trick or treat by myself (I swear, that lady in the window was a ghost)! After that, it sounds like this a song perfect for a Halloween-themed party.

The actual SAD thing about this song is that it's so basic and straighforward it seems rather sleazy and dumbed down. At first, the song seemed like a terrible story of a blue-collar tragedy, but at another point towards the end the singer seems to throw in a rant about the recent vampire-mania. Bottomline, this song attempts to expose corporate corruption called Hell, but wrap it in a terrible cloth filled with tangents and bad analogies. The only good line to take out of this song would be "the sun aint the real reason vampires die." I mean, c'mon Dick Valentine (lead singer)! I know you are far more humorous and exaggerant than that, now you just sound depressing.
It should be noted that, according to band's MySpace page (link is below), the band's direction is aimed at the use of famous pop icons (i.e. "After Hours" poses as a shoutout to the Martin Scorcese film in hopes that their fans will buy their records off of creativity and those good ol' "cool points" because "our bank accounts are sitting at zero. We need to sell another record." Well, when the music sounds like crap (whether you jack a Martin Scorcese film or not), you don't sell... much.

Overall, this song could easily turn into a song played for drunk Joe the Plumber(s) in the after hours, hours. Will they get it? Will they know it's a sad song, despite it's tedious hook and sleazy objectification? Nevermind, forget I asked. But because this song lacks the satirical humor and electrifying tone Electric Six usually has, this can pose as a problem to their real fans.

Check out their MySpace page for the latest updates:

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