The Illuminati Strikes Back!

It seems like "the machine" can get a little sens-y-tive! *cues inner child, waves hips side to side*

After years of conspiracy theories surrounding the success of music stars, and a rapid increase in the past year, rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross have made public responses about swirling rumors of their membership to the club of the All-Seeing Eye.

There have been many of posts siting symbols of various secret societies in music videos, performances, and public photos - from angled shots to the peace sign. Most of these are composed as montages of symbols and lyrics made by musicians, politicians, and celebrities associated with freemasonry and the Illuminati.

Like this one:

At first, it seems rappers kept quiet to these allegations. Well, it's something that is supposed to happen, as it is a secret society. In other words, they can't say they're in the Illuminati. But recently, they have fired back at allegations by poking fun at it.

In my review of Rick Ross's album Teflon Don, he recruits Jay-Z and John Legend in a song called "Free Mason." This song is filled with references to signs that the New World Order conspiracy is true, and sarcastic remarks of them being involved. Their main argument? That they have become successful from working hard for what they got. Jay's one-line killer is this one here: "Bitch, I said I was amazing... not that I'm a Mason," cleverly verbally illustrating the type of ammo theorists use to tie him and other musicians to the secret societies. Hear the song for yourself:

Rick Ross, "Free Mason" Ft. Jay-Z by gardnerz

Recently, there has been an outcry of suspicion in the video/painting "Power" by Kanye West, where the various images align ever-so-nicely with images associated with the Illuminati. Take this one for example from Media TakeOut:

This close-up of Kanye standing in the hallway of the building, and the two warriors touching swords complete the image of the freemasonry.

Another suggestion of Illuminati symbolism in his video is a little more complicated, and quite frankly involves math that I don't want to do. Luckily, thanks to the oh so skeptical Internet users, someone has already took the time out to form another tie from Kanye West and his new visual to the All-Seeing Eye.
Aside from the angles pointed out in the close-up, there is another angle pointed out in the entire photo. Here is the same shot but panned out:

See, they even drew-in the Eye just to make their point. Kinda weird, isn't it?

Other images from the video include the act of blasphemy with the two women (a way to get in the society), the goat-women who look just like Baphomet, the god in this group, and the imagery similar to the dollar. I am not just making this up on my own, people, this is just reports of what I've seen floating around the Web.

I would much rather have you watch the video, and see if you find these images:

The troubling thing about this is that I haven't talked about ALL allegations of famous people in secret societies! Now, I'm merely reporting what I see and what I've heard from everyday people. I have yet to include my opinion in any part of this piece. But doesn't this freak you out? I can tell you that I surely am!

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