Ultimate Youtube Fails

DISCLAIMER: What you may see and hear is not intended for the weak-hearted. I do not wish to claim this as mine, or wish to claim this as good quality music in any way. There will moments, in fact, where you will find yourself trying to squint your ears. Trust me, because I tried, you can't do it. It is humanly impossible. So you must suffer just as I did!

I caught whiff of a few videos of different singers and entertainers putting on a stellar performance for FailBlog all this year and last year. Some of them have managed to make it onto my blog and Tumblr. Like this one:

And no one can forget this one:

Pure enjoyment on lack of entertainment!

Speaking of lack of entertainment, there have been recent and SERIOUS videos of different bands and artists putting on an atrocious performance for the Web, so atrocious that it's definitely comedic. Though I understand some people may have serious mental issues (and even ego issues), so to make fun of someone's "talent" can be a little insensitive. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people who try to be sensitive when someone isn't doing their job right. So when I see people claiming to be a band or a rapper sound like garbage, I will most definitely point that out in the most visible way possible - blogging.

Which leads me to my first newfound Ultimate fail video of the year, a Guns N' Roses cover. Meet Marcelo, Bruno, and Douglas. This Brazilian trio attempted to cover one of the greatest songs to play on Rock Band only to fall short from the beginning solo. Enjoy below:

That was six minutes of pure hell. There is no wonder that Axl doesn't like other people covering his work. Thanks to these guys, they'll probably be no more Guns N' Roses on any Rock Band or Guitar Hero - EVER.

And I'm happy to say there's another ultimate fail in the midst. Meet 50 Tyson. This young'n out of Minnesota thinks he can spit hot fire, but he just spits a hot mess! He feels that because Soulja Boy made fame off of Youtube, so can he. But he can not! Enjoy =)

Yes, I posted the nine minute video! Everyone must get the entire effect of 50 Cent meets Mike Tyson! For some reason he reminds me of the "Three Best Friends Song" Zach Galifianakis sung on Hangover. Fail, Fail FAIL! The sad thing is that he is extremely popular, as he has an "exclusive" video of people loving this dude.

Has the world become that dumbed down, where we let people like 50 Tyson become famous for his famine of talent? I feel like the world needs a refresher course on what does and does NOT deserves fame and fortune.

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