The Amazon Cloud, A First of Its Kind

Before I begin typing up praises for this new venture, let me say that although I am an Amazon Associate this blog post is NOT being forced by Amazon. Now, unto my blog post...

Now, if you are a loyal Amazon shopper for music then this will come as the best news since they started selling digital music. If you are a loyal Amazon shopper for music with a small hard drive or a nearly-full hard drive then this will come as the best news since you found out about the internet. According to their website, Amazon has become the first music store to have a cloud drive and player for the digital music you purchase!

This is big for several reasons. The best and most obvious benefit of the cloud drive and player is that it takes up NO space on your computer, not even an app or software to install it. Everything (I repeat, everything!) is stored in their datacenters and all you need is a URL (plus your Amazon username and password for purchasing purposes) to access it. Another reason why this is beneficial is because the enjoyment doesn't end at your computer: with an Android-supported system, you can have full access to your music collection to-go on your phone or tablet.

An iType of SIDENOTE: Amazon has not officially made this supportive for Apple/iOS products. However, there is a way that Apple lovers can enjoy this too. According to GeekWord, users must download iCab Mobile on their iPod/Phone/Pad. In the browser, change the Browser ID to Safari 5 (Mac), convincing the cloud that it's not Mobile Safari, and you're in there like swimwear! For more in-depth info, check out the Amazon workaround guide on Mashable and cut to "Alternative Two: iCab to the Rescue." Sorry webOS, nothing's available!

To kick things off on the right foot, Amazon is giving away five FREE gigabytes of storage on the cloud drive, so get started now!

Oh, and once you open your cloud drive be sure to purchase music from my Amazon aStore! It's been updated with the latest and greatest music available on Amazon.

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