Video: Abby Gogo Rocks Out at Star Bar

For Examiner, I caught some sweet, colorful footage while covering the SXSW Send-Off Party for Back Pockets, Reptars and the video performers Abby Gogo.

Abby Gogo, in one word, is versatile. They flip their garage rock sound in just about any way possible - from the slow, noisy kind to the fun and fast kind. They have punk tendencies and lyricism, but they successfully complement it with an experimental and quite sluggish music.

In this video, the band performs "Louder Than Dreams," a sick single off their self-titled album. The song shows off how versatile these cats are, with riffs that go against their typical repertoire and with lyrics that can amp up the coolest person (even though you can barely hear them in the video, thanks to the bad sound). Overall, Abby Gogo is a fun band to listen to and see perform.

Atlanta's lucky to have such a diverse local music scene! Well, at least I'm glad to witness all of it.

Oh, and check me out on YouTube because I always try to upload music videos!

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