White House Band Takes on SXSW: Who Are They???

All month this month and last month, there has been all kinds of artists getting their ish together for SXSW. One band who has tons going for them next week - including a new EP, tons of firepower and spunk - is the White House Band. Who are they and what in God's name is a "New Vogue" sound? David E. Beats explains below.

How did you come together and form the White House Band?

I was doing my thing solo, and decided that if I wanted to take things to the next level a band would be needed. I found the guys, and the rest is history! 

Why name yourself after the home of the Oval Office anyway? How often do you guys get the label “political group” because of your name?

Never. I'm from DC, and I always wanted a band called The White House Band. I try to keep the content non political! 

Can you further explain “New Vogue,” aside from it being a fusion of hard rock, hiphop and blues?

It’s just a new style of music period, where things don’t fit in the standard urban/pop categories. 

The whole rap and rock fusion with any band almost immediately gets people to hesitate to listen because of how many bands are clichéd with it. What separates WHB from the typical rap/rock group?

We are different because I don't want to cliché it. I just literally want real hard rock songs with me rapping over them. 

Overall who are your musical influences?

We literally love everyone. From Kanye to Led Zepp to Thin Lizzy etc. It would take too long to name.

Tell me about your creative process because I see on your site that all of you except Elder write lyrics. Take me through a studio session with you guys from getting a concept to writing out the song to executing it. Do you guys sit and come up with content think-tank style or is it just a matter of the song being based on how you guys feel that day?

Songs come about usually when I come thru with a riff or idea. Then we just build off that. Literally. It’s that simple. 

What’s the deal with your new project The Stimulus Package, content-wise? What should I be looking out for when I bump this? Should I be ready to party? Chill? Spaz? Think politically? Call my mom or my kids to tell them I love them? What kind of record is The Stimulus Package?

Just be ready to enjoy a good record. We're all about entertaining, and we just want people to feel entertained!

What will be the next project from WHB? What material should we be expecting from you now that Stimulus is out?

Expect more groundbreaking shit. Basically

How do you plan on further developing as musicians?

Easy, doing more live shows, seeing what the crowd likes and dislikes and keep hitting them with what they like!

What do you look forward to the most at SXSW?

Playing some of the most bangingest showcases out there!

Ok, besides performing, what’s another thing you look forward to the most at SXSW?

That about it. Maybe the warm weather! 

Is this your first time at SXSW? What should folks expect from your show at SXSW?

This is not the first time but it is the first time we will be making an impact down there. Just expect to be entertained. And to have fun!

What’s your ultimate purpose as musicians and as a band?

To entertain. Music first above all else. I just want to have fun and I'm sure you all do too!

Where can people find you and keep up with you guys ?

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  1. wow he explained nothing. What is new vouge to begin with did he just make it up? and who is the white house band he didn't talk about them at all.