Bassment Jaxx Creating a Saga with Santogold

I'm just jumping right into Bassment Jaxx new joint Saga featuring Santogold because after hearing it, my creative juices and energy is steady flowing!

Bassment Jaxx did their thing, as usual, mixing and creating the beat for Santogold to crush with her insane vocals. The mixing is the best thing about this single. There's a hint of everything in this four-and-a-half-minute song, from reggae to electronic to rock to hiphop to soul. The most important thing is that it all blended well together, making this an all-purpose song. Like, I could enjoy this song anytime of the day. Well, maybe not a work, because this song has a bit too much potential energy that may not be worker-friendly. Nevertheless, people will like this song where ever they hear it thanks to the mixing by Bassment Jaxx.

As for Santogold, one of the most slept-on singers of 2008/9, this may not have been her best, but it surely wasn't her worst. She definitely put work into this song and gave the group a lot to work with, which is a DJ's/mixer's dream! When a vocalist sings her soul out in a song, whether it's much or not, a good group like Bassment Jaxx will do nothing more than enhance it. So she may have played it a little over safe, but gave he boys a whole lot to play with.

Listening to this song, I can tell there isn't much to take from it, but to party. Unless you're like me and not a party-hardy kind of individual, you will at least feel like bouncing around or bobbing your head or something. It does come with a cool, nice and catchy hook: "You're just limiting all your possibilities!" And with that, I can't be mad at all!

Star's Grade: A

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