Goapele Releasing Her "Milk and Honey"

First, "Things Don't Exist". Then she became "Closer" to her dreams. Now Goapele, a songstress in her own right, is taking a sexier approach in her music with the new single "Milk and Honey". And of course, if you can read and understand my previous posts, you know what milk and honey means in her song. At first, Goapele was more political with her content, speaking on racial and gender issues, and sprinkling some personal songs on her albums blessing us with her wonderful voice. But now she is taking the lead of other R&B artists and getting sexy. And I like it!

"Milk and Honey" is sexiest yet reserved song I've heard all year (sorry Maxwell, I still love Prettywings). She sings about sex without having to flat out explicitly describe what all will happen in a night with her. I don't have to worry about playing the song in front of my nieces and nephews like I would with Jeremih's "Birthday Sex", yet I will hesitate. Goapele's voice, let alone her content in this particular song, is more of a unwind kind of song than something you blast with your kids on the way to the movies or something.

I like the electric feel in this song, but every note she hits with the autotune slowly hurts my soul. But that's just me. I understand where she is going with it because it goes with the sound, but I think it's unnecessary. On the other hand, the electric sound actually works with her, as she always comes with an edgy side to her sweet, melodic voice. I can't be mad at all about this song or this artist, I can only wait until her album drops.

Star's Grade: A-

MILK & HONEY - Goapele

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