Turn Up the Radiohead! The New Self-Released Single

They left us with one of the best albums in 2007 In Rainbows. There was nothing like Weird Fishes, Reckoner, and Videotape; even hiphop DJs and MCs had to blend their talent with theirs. They left us hanging amongst the rock/alternative/indie (whatever you call it) trash for almost tow years. But now they are back! And not only are they airing a new single on a radio station, but, like the group that I know them to be, give their new single "These Are My Twisted Words" to the people for free to enjoy on the mp3/iPod players.

But is it all worth the technological trouble? Is Thom Yorke's voice still as whiny yet seductive as it was two years ago? Is Ed O'Brien, the guitarist, still on point?

I would have to say yes to all four questions! The long, 2-minute and 30-second introduction, although Death Cab for Cutie did it with I Will Possess Your Heart, makes you wait on the edge of your couch to hear Yorke swoon on the track laid down by the band. And once he begins to sing, it's as if the song is complete, or the whole album is complete (Which is funny since this is the only completed song on their upcoming album). You would want to sit back and take in what Radiohead has presented to you, because you honestly feel that, like ALL artists should do, this group made this song for you.

"These Are My Twisted Words"
's lyrics give off the sense that Radiohead usually does - darkness, loneliness, and a state of feeling empty. This group has a knack for making dark songs so seductive that it's a mystery that they aren't blamed for teens who are violent or whatever.

My only problem with this song is that there are only two minutes of singing. And the lyrics are repeated. I understand the impact of repetition in art, but Yorke doesn't give this song great dialogue. Bottomline - too much of the introduction, not enough of the goods.

Star's Grade: B+

Now usually I don't give out free music, but since they did it themselves...


Go to this site and download "These Are My Twisted Words" for free!!! No gimmicks, you just need to extract the file once it downloads onto your computer to hear it. And you be the judge of their new piece!

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