First Rap Beef: The Wiki Wiki Song

Now I may get a lot of confused looks from the readers, but did anyone know that the first rap beef was in 1983? And yes, it was "Jam on Revenge(The Wiki Wiki Song)" by Newcleus! I'm pretty sure people believed it was a perfect world in the music business back then; where every artist would vibe off of one another, and all the hiphop and funk music was perfect for every b-boy and b-girl could break, but that was not the case.

In this song, the group takes several jabs at Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, Sugar Hill Gang, and anyone different than the electro-funk sound of the 80s. They made fun of them between hooks with spoofs of the masterpiece "The Message" by GMF. They even went as far as calling them the Furious Jive! Let's not forget the spinning off the lyrics from "Rapper's Delight", poking fun at how uncreative Sugar Hill was. Although "The Wiki Wiki Song" was hot on the streets, Newcleus made it clear that they were "tired of that hiphop stuff," considering hiphop was only out for a few years. Man, they really weren't feeling hiphop!

Newlceus was a group that had a style similar to Afrika Bambaataa in that they followed the futuristic electro-funk-rock sound. I can't be mad at them because this song is a downright classic because of its funky sound and party-like atmosphere it attracts. Not to mention the hook is off the chain! You will never forget when to cue in screaming "Wiki wiki wiki wiki!" This song is perfect for any barbecue with the family or an old school party. Regardless, you will dance or sing this song no matter where you are!

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