Eminem's The Warning: Did He Really Have to Go There?

After hearing Eminem's lyrical slaughter of his relationship with Mariah Carey, I have to say I am shocked and disappointed at Eminem. In no way am I supporting Eminem with his new song "Warning", which is a response and diss to Mariah's video "Obsessed" where she dresses up like a man resembling the Slim One and sings on and on about his obsession with her when they were together in 2005.

Now, usually I don't get into gossip-like beefs (i.e. The Game and 50 Cent, 50 Cent and Ja Rule, etc), and I won't. I am writing this to discuss the way true MCs should pick and choose their battles.

Aside from the misogynistic and mom-dissing ways Eminem has in previous albums, he is one of the best MCs, and I mean MC not rapper, ever. When you surpass almost every MC in Detroit, 8 mile and so on, as well as take out national artists careers, you rank pretty high amongst MCs in the hiphop industry. Slim Shady is probably the only musician I'll let slide with all the cussing and name-calling towards his family because he didn't have such a glorious life growing up because he can flow it's nobody's business. He is one of the few MCs to make it through the battle circuit, underground circuit, and mainstream. SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD HE WANT TO USE HIS MAGNIFICENT TALENT IN BATTLING AN R&B SINGER????????

My problem is beyond all the skeletons that were yanked out of Mariah's closet by way of Eminem because in MC battle wounds occur and feelings will be hurt. However, a true MC from the battling circuit knows when he or she needs to attack his or her with brute force, play around with their opponent, or just play D. With this diss record Eminem put out, I have to disagree with Em on his choice to attack Mariah with such brute force. That whole incident, and I say that because Eminem murdered the beef (because if Nick Cannon come out with anything, his career would be over. Oh wait, it already is), was like the atomic bombs we launched on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Eminem's explicit and explosive content, or even a response, was not necessary. Whereas Mariah aired some dirty laundry, Eminem brought out them dirty, poop-stained drawers!

I bring this review of The Warning by Eminem to a close with a grade of a D+
because an MC with such stature in the hiphop world like Eminem should not have wasted time on an R&B singer who is trying everything to keep her career afloat.

The Warning - Eminem

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