Donwill + Emilios Rojas = Mega Interview

The Jagermeister Stage at A3C Festival during the DJ Booth showcase is crazy!!! 9th Wonder DJed with his boy Tom Hardy, and STS brought out Donwill and Tanya Morgan to perform "Sole Music."

So being the person I am, of course I approach Donwill in the back stage for an interview. Little did I know, Emilio Rojas appears out of nowhere (and I say that because it was dark, and we never saw him in the distance).

The original interview between Donwill and I turned into a double interview between both Donwill and Emilio Rojas. Below is the entire audio for the interview - no cuts, no edits, just pure hiphop right now! We start off talking about his performance with STS.

A3C Donwill Emilio Rojas Impromptu Interview by watsonstarletta

Yeah, so more to come from A3C soon!

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