While the two showcases (Kevin Nottingham and DJ Booth) are setting up, I'm gonna share some of the videos that were passed from me to the good folks at A3C.

First up is MURS! Dude spoke with LP33 TV to speak about working with 9th Wonder and controversy behind an Asian girl... http://www.a3cfestival.com/murs-interview-a3c-2010/

Secondly, speaking of 9th Wonder, while he took a brake during his Red Bull tribute show DJ Evil D stepped up to the DJ booth and lit that bad boy on FIRE!!! Here's the video below, all credit to DJ Chevy and A3C for the footage:

That's all I'm giving you. There are way more videos coming soon from me, but in the meantime check out the goodies A3C has on their site right here: http://www.a3cfestival.com.

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