Meanwhile in Hell, my boy Supernatural just chose three women off the stage in his wheelchair! Lyrically though, lyrically.... Plus, this group from Georgia Tech is trying to keep the crowd interested, but it's not doing much... They just have hiphop shop kind of stage presence, not really performing at a mega venue presence... Oh well, I still got to meet Jean Grae!!!

In other news, there's an ample amount of sweet sponsors at A3C. Jakprints got a graffiti wall for everyone to tag, New Era is here, who made special edition hats for this festival, Unique Square is here to give away tons of music and sound equipment, among many more. If you plan on sliding through A3C, there will be raffles throughout the weekend for free hats from New Era, free screen print tees from Jakprints, and probably a boatload of CDs and merch from the artists.

Now excuse me while I enjoy more of this Hell...

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