Dub is Dead and Out For Blood!!!

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX - Out For Blood by zedsdead

Honestly, this is an all-impulsive post, but I guarantee you'll thank me later (no Drake).

I caught wind of this track on Hype Machine on a bored, depressing Sunday, and suddenly was placed in a zone, just as most dubstep records do but in a motivational, get-off-your-butt-and-do-something kind of zone unlike dubstep's chill tone.

Zeds Dead is a baaaad duo out of Ontario that puts together the sickest dubstep remixes. From what I hear they also have the most scary yet intriguing shows in Canada. It's safe to call them the Canada-takeover-cats (dub edition)!

Getting to the point, "Out for Blood" is a pure adrenaline rush, vastly due to Zeds Dead's production repertoire. Dubstep will always have an adventorous and monstrous climatic sound, but Zeds Dead takes it to a whole new level with this record. Known for remixing songs like Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" off their timeless album Let It Bleed, taking a hiphop record and adding dub elements enhance the hell out of a rapper's ammunition, especially a rapper like Omar LinX.

Omar LinX does frequent collabs with Zeds Dead, but has his own aim at the rap game. Hailing from Toronto, this MC is looking to put the T-Dot on the map in a way different than Drake. Not to doubt dude's lyrical abilities, but on this record Omar LinX is lucky he had the powerful Zeds Dead behind him. The writing was subpar and typical at-best, but he provides a basic amount of substance to the song - the art of overcoming obstacles and hatred. Spitting with bars like "Ain't never gonna change my course / Full speed and tunnel vision, I'm a racing horse... nobody's gonna hold your hand / I did it, I stole my chance / I took it and ran." Sounding similar to a mixture of Eminem (which he addresses in the first verse) and Slug from Atmosphere, Omar LinX sounds pretty good, just not great.

The best thing about this cat is his delivery, which doesn't really say much when it's backed behind a dubstep record. His raspy voice and slurred flow gives him a complimentary advantage of any booming stereo system over Zeds Dead's beat making. Anyone hearing this song could tell that it's not Omar LinX that makes the record, but it's Zeds Dead. All the way, for the win, and any other saying that has to do with success!

Star's Grade: B+

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