Live Blogging from A3C Hiphop Festival - Day 2

I still can't get over Day 1, but I'm back at the Masquerade for Day 2 of the A3C "All 3 Coasts" Hiphop festival. Right now it's pretty empty except for the flock of inspiring producers listening to the words and "advice" from Kane Beatz (dude who made the beat "Bedrock," "Steady Mobbin'" and other catchy Lil Wayne beats), aka "Kane is in the building," and his advice is kind of... eh. When you say "the catchy beats are what will make it," I don't really bop with you, but there is a truth to that.

But he did just drop a new Lupe Fiasco single called "All Right," and it sounds pretty good! Without giving it away, he took a sample from a well-known tune off a soundtrack that is deeply embraced by pop culture... Yeah, I said I wasn't giving much away (for now).... I will say Kane Beatz is finally on to something with this joint, but don't expect to hear it for a while because it still needs to be mixed.

Anywho, back to wondering around the Masquerade aimlessly in search of random hiphop artists who don't mind chopping it up!

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