Looking for a (Rest of the) Summer Read

As summer is halfway over, and college is out of the way, I am finally finding extra time on my hands. When I'm not writing about music, or working on something else, I want to be reading about music! So far, as I am not as good as a reader as I should be, I have only read a handful of auto/biographies of artists and famous figures. Those include:

Tupac Shakur Holler If You Hear Me
Frank Sinatra Sessions with Sinatra

Sex Pistols (and Punk Rock in general) England's Dreaming
Although these were awesome books to read, it wasn't enough to keep me going... I haven't picked up a book to read (leisurely) in 4 years!!! And to call myself a writer, that's a problem.

So all week this week, aside from typing my life away with work, I have been looking into musicians that I want to read about. Some of these musicians already have best-sellers out, and some of them have "biographies" out. Some are dead, and some are alive. Here's my projected list of musician's auto/bios I am going to read in the near future:

Miles Davis Miles: The Autobiography
This one is sort of a given for me. I have always loved his music, and when someone suggested it to me, I had to say I was honestly shocked he had an autobiography. I would have never guessed he would make one, as he lets his trumpet do the talking, but I didn't think Malcolm X made one either so I don't listen to myself on these things.

Kurt Cobain Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain
I have always wanted to know his story, other than what I seen whenever VH1 or MTV would talk about it. A lot of people suggested this tells "the truth" about Kurt Cobain, so hopefully I'll see how much of an experience this reading will be.

Lil B Takin' Over by Imposing the Positive

This is probably one of the most interesting rappers I have ever heard of - EVER. I had no clue he wrote an autobiography, let alone wrote anything (since seeing Precious, anything is now possible). Not that I want to know about his life or anything as if I were a fan, but I want to know his thinking, I want to know his mind and pick his brain. In this book, he not only talks about himself, but this so-called, self-titled "BASED" generation that is rapidly growing. This is the first rapper I don't understand, which makes me even more intrigued about this book. Next to Cobain, this is one of the books I look forward to reading the most!

Once I cop these reads, I will most definitely blog about them throughout the summer. All of what I posted, except for Lil B's book, is available on Amazon, just type or copy-paste in the titles and they should come right up.

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