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For those that may not know, this blog has a sidekick!

When I'm not posting reviews, commentaries, and such, I am posting small music tidbits on Tumblr, titled Bubble Gum Pop Rap Lite. Almost anything has been posted on this site, from neat music articles to singles from great artists. Every week I'll give you a taste of what I've come across on the radio, in the news, and online. Enjoy!

Starting with July 10th: I found one of the coolest posters floating around the Internet! Also on that day, I finally changed my ringtone to Drake's "Thank Me Now" (who did NOT show up at the Car and Bike Show I went to in Atlanta, I was so hurt!)

Posted July 9th: This was the day officer Johannes Mehserle caught a involuntary manslaughter verdict for MURDERING an arrested young Black man by shooting him in the back of the head! So in anger, I found this song by Rebel Diaz and BRWN BFLO called "Who You Shootin At?" Also posted was a funny JPEG on Chart-Topping Musicians (dissed the hell out of Nickelback in the process!)

Posted July 8th: The visuals to Nikki Lynette's "Civil War", as well as Roxanne Shante on why she left the rap game.

Posted July 7th: A tune from Jean Grae's last mixtape before retirement where she gives XXL a piece of her mind. Plus, for all you "Nasty Boys," the video from Janet Jackson's steamy performance at the Essence Music Festival!

Posted July 6th: Prince's opinion on the current state (and the future) of the Internet, and an oh-too-familiar yet revolutionary album cover of Bilal's latest works.

Posted July 5th: A link that'll get you ALL SIX of Charles Hamilton's new mixtapes!!! That is all.

Posted July 3rd: A booming system unlike any other, news on a possible ?uestlove, Raphael Saadiq, and Amy Winehouse band, and classic video footage on how to do the Bird from the ever-so lovely Purple Rain!

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