Poem: Those Wal-Mart Ears

Why deal with a market mind when I have a Wal-Mart ear?

My musical taste is like a Great Value box - because getting to the point is all I wanna hear

No need for added pizzazz, or unnecessary do-daas, I could add that on my own

And the artistic abstraction can be left at home

That adds to the price, and my ass is broke

So to think paying a low price for descent quality is to believe I will take it and mope

About the lack of talent and the crap they wrote

When there's plenty of innovation that surrounds you

But no, you'd rather take what you can get at a price on the low

It's amazing how our individuality clouds the sun that broadens our horizons

We won't embrace ALL the stars, but wanna see what makes Orion

So with our Wal-Mart ears we don't peruse through the aisles

We take them to the nearest floor person and say

"something for my workouts is what I wanna find"

So we follow the clerk through aisle #5, and select the one that's most convenient

Convenient to our ears, and not to mention the thighs

Because what we want NOW has nothing to do with our minds

We don't wanna make our own playlist, we let playlists make us

iTunes FTW and to shake us

Break us for 15 songs about a break-up

Caking up on my misery and hang us

With our Wal-Mart ears

When iTunes started making generated playlists is when iLeft

iRather tend to my needs on a For Me By Me basis

That way I can find the root of my problems

Because if I depend on a systematic list I have to let a computer solve them

And quite frankly, numbers may not lie but there's no way to evolve them

Or evolve from them

Think, the square root of 9 will ALWAYS be 3, so when a monkey wrench is thrown in, where will my solution be?

So from now on I'll use my market mind for my musical needs

And from now on, I seek guidance from an organic source, me

Even if it starts from the ground and expands like the sea

My musical taste stands pure, on the shores that I see

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