Waiting "All Summer" for A Converse Hit

Last week, Converse launched their annual "Three Artists One Song" campaign featuring Kid CuDi, Bethany Cosention (Best Coast), and Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend). People may be familiar with the joint two years ago with Pharrell, Santigold, and Julian Casablancas (The Strokes) called "My Drive Thru", which was descent at-best, considering the unlikely collaborative effort by the trio. This year's record "All Summer" is slightly catchier than the previous Converse ad, but as far as longevity goes, this will long forgotten in the iPod/iWhatevers very soon. Possibly by the time the review is over.

Not gonna lie, this has a nice ring to it, especially for the folks who don't have "The Hills"-like resources (which I miss already!). This is the kind of song that could make you easily forget about your economic woes and buy those cheap ol' Chucks! Once the song is over, you're left with nothing but some cheap ol' Chucks. The good news is Converse are great shoes if you like and appreciate vintage. The bad news is Converse has poor music taste.

"All Summer" is a song with a 'meh' hook and sub-par lyrics. Kid CuDi, as an anchor to the song, brings verses that contain no lyricism whatsoever, and a meek shoutout to his fly kicks (which are Converses, of course). It's seems the direction the hook is going is rather depressing as Bethany "trying to keep your eyes dry," but CuDi brings his own two cents of a hook in saying "we don't give a damn, we ain't worried about a thang," so I don't know if it's a song I should play at a party or riding in my car after an argument with my boyfriend.

The production was the best thing about "All Summer." I am unsure if Rostam was behind all instruments, but from the drumming to the strumming, me like-y. The build-up in the beginning complements CuDi's opening verse very summer, and the riffs during the chorus does give vibes to nod heads. It's safe to say Rostam saved  the track!

Feeling two different emotions in this one song, clearly there is a problem with the direction Converse is going this summer. However, the production behind the song makes "All Summer" ok to like. Would I buy this song? No. This better be one of those "free with a purchase... any purchase" kind of deals. Or hell, just give me the record because no one will be asking for it.

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