Last Week on Tumblr...

Not exactly last week, a few days behind....

However, full of super cool things from Bubble Gum Pop Rap Lite!

Posted July 25th: Find out why I'm here and why I use Tumblr!

Posted July 23rd: One of the best band rants EVER posted on the Alternative Press called "The WTF Moment," and (getting a little personal here) a list of songs I listen to when I'm happy, sad, bored, hyped and mad.

Posted July 21st: Some awesome tuneage! A new track from one of the funkiest bands out right now, Calibro 35, called "L'Escutore". The second coolest track of the day comes from dubber Mochipet and it's called "RAWR"... yes, like the sound of an animal (trust me, it's that hardcore)!

Posted July 20th: Listen to Tommy and the rest of the Rugrats sing a classic pirates tune off their Rugrats: The Movie Soundtrack. Also, cool pics from one of my current favorite graffiti writers, Balrog, and a pic of my first stereo - a double cassette player. I also ramble about the art of dubbing radio mixes and people's CDs.

Posted July 19th: The new video for "Mmmhmm" for Flying Lotus.

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